Group 8 Air fryer


About The Autor:

The author of this article is "by Caroline Cederquist, M.D, as told by Jessica Migala". Caroline Cederquist is not a qualified dietitian but specializes in metabolism and healthy weight loss methods and has a board certification in family medicine and bariatric medicine. She also wrote a book and is the founder of a meal subscription service named BistroMD.


Study shows that fries prepared in an air fryer contain 70% less fat compared to deep fried ones and the oil is less oxidated. •The amount of acrylamide is about the same, although less fat is used. Probably this is due to the longer preparation time in the air fryer (20 minutes compared to 5 minutes). In new legislation, acrylamide should not exceed 500 μg per kg of potatoes, which can be higher in air fried ones. Acrylamide may increase cancer risk. 

Final verdict

True: air frying is the most healthy way to fry food. However, there are healthier ways to prepare food, like steaming. •Partly true: it could lead to weight loss, but it could lead to higher acrylamide intake. •

Advice to consumer:

•If an air fryer helps you to eat more vegetables, it is a good idea. •If it makes you to think fries are healthy and eat more fries, better not.