Where to stay and Off program activities in The Hague


Suggestions for accomodation

1. King Kool

King Kool is a hostel in The Hague city centre. It is an affordable accomodation with a unique twist. Click on the link for more information.

2. The student Hotel

The student hotel is a modern hotel located in city centre. It has cool moders looks with a relaxed young vibe and warm community. Click on the  link to look at the possible rooms.

3. IBIS hotel

Also located in the heart in city centre in The Hague. Guests recommend this hotel for the excellent location and friendly staff.

Nightlife: bars and clubs

1. Rootz

Here you can choose from more than 300 beers from Belgium and the Netherlands and enjoy the delicious meals from our 'Low Countries' kitchen.

2. Het paard

'Het paard' is a nightspot in The Hague since 1972. It has one big room suited for 1100 visitors, 1 small room for 300 visitors and a small café with place for a ,maximum of 200 people.

3. Danzig

'Danzig' is already for years a party place. This longterm succes makes it that 'Danzig' has won the nightlife award several years. Over and over there are renewing programs. For this, it keeps this place one of the most visited hangouts in the city.

4. De Haagsche Kluis

By day and for most of the time 'De Haagse Kluis' is a restaurant. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday the place makes room for dancing. From 23.00 h there will be a dj and you can dance untill the morning comes.

5. several bars at 'Plein' or 'Grote markt'

These are some hotspots in the city where you can look around for some drinks late in the evening or early nights. Look it up on google maps or just explore it while being in the city.


1. Instock

Instock is a business that saved food from being waste. With 3 restaurants, with one located in The Hague. Will you save food from the trash? Eat at Instock!

2. Het kroketloket

'Kroketten' are a dutch snack, very popular among tourists and also very popular among dutch people in general. 'Het kroket loket' is a snackbar were you can buy kroketten in all kind of different tastes. If you are interested in trying this dutch snack, this is the place to be.

3. Havana

This is a very cosy restaurant in a cuban theme. Besides some food you can order all diferent kinds of cocktails to enjoy tropical vibes.

4. Vapiano's

Vapiano is an Italian restaurant, you can find it in 130 places, in 28 different countries. You can order pasta, pizza and salads. The dishes you order will be made right in front of you when you watch it made ready for you to eat.

5. VIP pizza

'VIP' stands for Very Italian Pizza. They have a passion in sharing the true Italian tastes and experience with their guests.

6. Little V.

Little V is a vietnamese restaurant. When you eat at Little V, it means you will get to know the unique culture of the South-Vietnamese cuisine.


1. Visit to the beach (Scheveningen)

Scheveningen is a part of the city of The Hague. It is known for it's long beach, where you can go for walks, relaxing, food and all different kind of things. When you are here, don't forget to visit 'De pier van Scheveningen'.

2. Binnenhof (political centre)

Step through the famous entry gate into the historical Binnenhof (Inner Court) in the heart of our democracy. This is the place where the most important events in the nation's history took place. It is also where the future is being created.

3. Several musea

In The Hague there are some very famous musea like 'Het Mauritshuis' and 'Madurodam'. In The Mauritshuis you can find 'the girl with the pearl earring' alongside some great masterpieces by Rembrandt and other great artists. Madorodam is a musea where you can visit The Nederlands in a small version.

4. Bike trips

Dutch people are known for being bike riders, everyone travels a lot by bike. You can rent a 'Swapfiets' in our school.