Bernd van der Meulen

Prof. dr. B.M.J. (Bernd) van der Meulen is a private consultant in food legal affairs and director of the European Institute for Food Law. He is part-time teacher "Comparative Food Law" at the Renmin University of China School of Law in Beijing. The European Institute gathers, develops and shares knowledge on Food Law by mean s of publications, trainings (including in-house) and consultancy. Bernd also works as a volunteer at the Food Bank of Amsterdam.

Charlotte De Backer

Charlotte De Backer is Associate Professor at the University of Antwerp, Dept. of Communication Sciences. She leads a group of scholars that study the interactions between media- and food consumption (soon their website can be found under FOOMS - Food, Media & Society)

In collaboration with her colleagues and PhD students she studies how media do and can influence our eating habits, with a strong focus on food media other than traditional advertisements. Think of TV cooking shows, social media, food influencers, and so on. Attention is also paid to what strategies work best to endorse healthy eating habits, focusing on storytelling and social context factors. Lastly, she also studies how the foods we eat influence our identity and social behavior: what we eat, who we eat with and whether we share foods may matter more than we think. A book about the implications of vegetarian food choices on social behavior is coming out this year (To eat or not eat meat - Rowman & Littlefield). 

Suzan Tuinier

Suzan Tuinier is a dietician and communication advisor. She studied nutrition and dietetics in Amsterdam and got her Master's Degree in communication science at the Free University (also in Amsterdam).

In her carreer communication about nutrition is the common thread. She did research, worked in PR and was responsible for the 'Vitamin Information Bureau'. In this position which she held for almost 10 years she worked as a nutritionist, but also as a spokeswoman. She knows how to react on news and how to create news.

In April 2018 she started her own business: Nutrimedia, a communications agency.

Suzan works for different organizations: in all projects there is a link with health and nutrition.

An Lebacq

Master in Human Biology at Free University Brussels (VUB), PhD in Medical Sciences at Catholic University Leuven (KULeuven), worked 3 years in the pharmaceutical industry as medical advisor and since 2012 staff member policy support in healthy nutrition and physical activity at the Flemish Institute for Healthy Living (Vlaams Instituut Gezond Leven).

At Gezond Leven specialized in food inequity, marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages to children, health taxes and healthy nutrition in the public space.

(Mother of 3 children so lots of hands-on experience in the effects of food marketing on young children.)

Andy Burman

Andy has been Chief Executive of the BDA for over 15 years and has over 25 years' experience of leadership in the health sector, in membership and regulatory bodies. He promotes the work of healthcare professionals nationally and internationally, representing the BDA in the UK and abroad, at Government level as well as across professions. As well as being an experienced CEO, Andy is a company director, charity trustee, lay advisor and management consultant. He has led the BDA to become an award winning association in the UK, recently winning two prestigious awards in 2018 for its social media activities. He lectures on professional ethics and governance, and regularly presents at international conferences on leadership, governance and change management.