Symposium 08 February 2019, The Hague

FoodConfusion Framing FoodFacts,

 Friday 08 February 2019 

The Hague

Our opinion about food, health and diets are getting more and more influenced by food bloggers, food trendwatchers and food marketeers, but their information is not always evidence based and therefore correct. Consumers are not able to distinguish facts from fiction and they get confused. How are you going to deal with this as a dietician and as a nutritionist? The answer to this will be given at the international symposium FoodConfusion Framing FoodFacts in The Hague.

The following questions will be central to the symposium:

  • How can you tackle misleading and sometimes incorrect information in the media when it comes to food, nutrition and health?
  • How can you deal with strong marketing and market positioning of producers, which might not always be as evidence based as we would like it to be. And what about misguiding advertisements? How can and how should you (re)act to these?


You can find the full program here. 

    For whom? 

    The symposium is for dietitians (to be) and nutritionists, but also food bloggers, food industry, food branding agencies, and simply everyone with an interest in food and nutrition. And everyone who can't see the wood for the trees when it comes to the information that is found regarding these topics.


    The following interesting speakers will share their point of view on this topic with us: 

    • Andrew Burman, British Dietetic Association: "Dietitians in the Media - Creating an Impact, Avoiding the Noise"
    • An Lebacq, Vlaams Instituut Gezond Leven: "Marketing of unhealthy foods and drinks to children - Role of government, dietitian and nutritionist professionals and other health care professionals, education professionals and food & beverages industry"
    • Bernd van der Meulen, European Institute for Food Law: "(Il)legal food labelling"
    • Charlotte de Backer, University of Antwerp: "InFlOOD: Seeing the forest for the trees in an age of food influencers"
    • Suzan Tuinier, Communication adviser and nutritionist: "How to make your own news? How to present yourself as a dietitian?"
    Please see the keynotes to find out more about their lectures. 


    De Haagse Hogeschool
    Johanna Westerdijkplein 75, 2521 EN The Hague

    You can get there by public transport or by car, following these directions.

    Date and time

    Friday 8 February 2019, from 12h30 till 18h00.


    The symposium is free of charge, but registration is required. Registration is closed.